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About the brand. 

I have always been in love with colors, all colors. As a kid if Crayola came out with a new color I had to have it. As an adult if something like a pretty dress or nice shoes came in more than 1 color I had to have them all. So, you can only imagine what my nail polish collection looks like.

I decided in the Summer of 2015 that I wanted to start mixing my own colors and making my own polish. It has been fun coming up with colors and names, but it definitely has its trials and plenty of errors.

Why the name Pure Poison? And the logo?

When I decided to start my own indie polish brand I was stumped for a name, I am covered in tattoos of anchors, mermaids,skulls, and the words "Pure" and "Poison " on my wrists in a traditional font known as Pike. My fiancé and the guys at Socal tattoo said I should use that  as my brand name, I was a little skeptical at first but it grew on me ☺

I happen to work at Socal Tattoo with a very talnted artist by the name of Tom Berg, If you have ever seen the tv show "Prison Break " or movie "Red Dragon "  he is the artist who drew the tattoos for both. He saw my original design of a flower with a skull in the middle and knew it wasn't good enough. In less than 5 minutes he designed a flower whose petals were skulls.